From Women Worth Watching® to CEO

When Profiles in Diversity Journal launched its inaugural Women Worth Watching® issue in 2002, there were only 11 women at the helm of a Fortune 1000 company. Today, there are several dozen spanning Fortune 1000, Fortune 500 and Fortune 100, a good number of whom were recognized as Women Worth Watching before stepping into that role.

Over the years, we have recognized thousands of talented women who were nominated by their organizations for their impact on their workplaces and our world. In doing so, we have chronicled a movement and revealed a developing pipeline of leaders whose passion and potential simply cannot be ignored. Ten of our award winners have already taken their corporation’s top seat; we believe there will be many, many more.

Below is a list of our CEO alumni that we’re proud to say have been Women Worth Watching.

Name Company Year WWW CEO
Mary T. Barra General Motors 2011 2013
Lynne Doughtie KPMG 2008 2015
Ursula Burns Xerox 2003 2009-2016
Ellen Kullman DuPont 2004 2009-2015
Marillyn Hewson Lockheed Martin 2005 2013
Lynn L. Elsenhans Sunoco 2003 2008-2012
Beth Mooney Key Bank 2007 2011
Patricia Woertz Archer Daniels Midland 2004 2009-2014
Michele Buck Hershey Company 2005 2017
Patricia Kampling Alliant Energy 2010 2012
Deborah Gillis Catalyst - Workplaces That Work For Women 2010 2014-2018
Ilene H. Lang Catalyst - Workplaces That Work For Women 2005 2008-2013

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