I’ve learned that people need others to believe in them—at work, at home or with friends. By believing in others, we can inspire them to believe in themselves and become someone they never believed possible. If you treat every day as a journey, you will learn more about yourself and others. When you learn to help others, you’ll see you’re also helping yourself.

  • BELIEVE DEEPLY IN YOURSELF, clearly understand your life’s role and tap your talents to pursue your mission. Hold tight to what you believe is right and to what you believe can come true. Believe in those you work with and for; never work for someone you don’t respect.
  • BUILD YOUR MISSION AROUND BUSINESS OUTCOMES. Most good social change has happened as a result of business.
  • BE ENERGETIC. Be willing to work hard each day to make your dream come true. Then, mobilize others around your energy and passion. Your only limit is your own energy and commitment to make a difference.
  • BE YOURSELF AND BE PROUD. Uniqueness is your edge. See it as a strategic benefit. Stop trying to fit in.
  • BE STEADFAST. Stay true to your character, values and beliefs. Recognize that you may be challenged and ridiculed if you try to effect change that parts from the mainstream. Stay strong; once challenges pass, you’ll learn from them. Dream big and assume it will happen and it will!
  • BE A PARTNER, AND BE A FRIEND. Build a strong, diverse network of people to learn from who are both like you and not like you—nurture those relationships. Constantly look for the unique talents and passion of others and link them to your mission in an energizing way. You may even change the lives of others for the better. Give everyone a role so they have a unique story. Great leaders reach out to others, especially those who struggle.
  • LEAD. Anything is possible with great leadership. Set a vision others can see. Identify and position others to win by empowering them and coaching them to achieve business outcomes.
  • LAUGH. Find humor in everything that happens—even the difficult moments.