I owe much of my success to the mentors who provided me with both knowledge and encouragement throughout my life. Without their support, I wouldn’t have had the foundation to build the career I currently have.

I continue to carry with me the lessons they imparted and would like to take this opportunity to pass them along to you —tomorrow’s corporate leaders.

Put Yourself in a Position to Learn. My first job out of college was in a management training program where I learned the basics of how to be an effective manager. As I moved on from there, I continued to seek out companies that offered training and learning opportunities so that I could improve my skills as a leader.

Have a Healthy Work/Life Balance. I always try to be fully engaged in whatever I’m doing at the moment. Keeping this balance allows me to be better at everything I do.

Be a Mentor. Being a mentor is a great learning experience. For 12 years I mentored teenagers. My greatest hope is that I’ve taught them how to identify and remove obstacles and have helped them find their true potential. I take this same approach with my employees. However, it isn’t simply a one- way street, as I’ve learned just as much from them as they have from me.

Find Your Own Path. My best piece of advice is to make decisions that are best for you. All of my mentors have provided me with a great deal of guidance but have also taught me how to trust myself and my instincts. One of the reasons I chose to work at CareerBuilder.com was because they believed in this value. The company strives to treat every employee as a leader and implement programs that allow them to have a great deal of disciplined freedom. Finding a place that allows you to cultivate your own leadership style will help you build the confidence and skill set you need to become the kind of leader you want to be.