Throughout my life, mentoring has contributed to both my personal and professional success and played an important role in how I approach opportunities and challenges.

My parents were both teachers and artists who emphasized to my sister and me the importance of true diversity, getting an education, and self-expression through music, theater, and other arts. They also were very good listeners and opened our home to many of their students and mentored them over the years. Watching them, I learned how to lead others and how to set my own goals for success.

One of those goals was to one day become a federal judge. After law school at Temple University, I served a two-year clerkship with the late honorable Judge Clifford Scott Green. Judge Green taught me about the nuances of federal court and helped to perfect my understanding of law. He also introduced me to other prominent figures in the law profession so I could learn additional skills from them. My experience made me want to be a mentor and develop my own way of contributing to others’ lives.

A good mentor listens and learns from her mentees. I have learned so much by observing their approaches to life and hearing their perspectives. I often counsel my mentees to always have a plan but be flexible. Take chances and adapt to change, no matter the plan or stage of your career.

One mentee that stands out in my mind is soon to become partner at my former law firm. I have enjoyed many conversations with her about her goals and aspirations. She embodies perseverance and integrity in everything she does and has gone on to become a mentor herself.

I am not a federal judge, but I am exactly where I want to be. Every day I have the privilege of creating opportunities for people of all backgrounds to reach their full potential as individuals and communities. At Comcast, I work to instill the very values that I have learned from my mentors and mentees strong work ethic, commitment to common goals, the importance of education, care for one’s community and taking chances.