I was raised in a religious home in Grand Rapids, Michigan. My family has always been very close, and to this day I have deep and meaningful relationships with my mother, brothers, sisters-in-law, and nieces and nephews. As a high school senior, I had never experienced any significant life challenges. However, that stability was soon shaken when my father was diagnosed with Stage IV bone cancer. My father passed away when I was a college senior, and those years were colored by the backdrop of a father struggling to beat a Stage IV terminal diagnosis.

During my college years,Iwas heavily involved in music programs. Although music was a great love of mine, I decided to maintain musical pursuits in some capacity other than a vocation. I had always had a strong interest in business and law, and I chose to enroll in Indiana University’s JD/MBA program.

At Indiana, I experienced an environment very different from the one to which I was accustomed. However, despite those challenges, my years at Indiana were extremely rewarding. I met many different people from diverse backgrounds. I soon formed a variety of friendships and was enriched by the intellectual opportunities that fed my love of learning.

I have seen similar patterns establish themselves throughout my professional career. Each time I have been faced with a professional challenge, I have envisioned how that challenge could be overcome and the tremendous learning that would result. Many of my career stages have been part of a journey in which doors open at mysterious times, culminating today in my position as Chief Risk Officer for Fifth Third Bancorp.

I view all challenges in the context of a lifelong journey. I also see current challenges against the backdrop of my father’s experience, and I immediately gain additional perspective.

I am fortunate to have a multitude of natural interests. My love for music and sports is a source of joy and I have an affinity for people and friendships. My strong family relationships and many friendships from all stages of my personal and professional life have kept me grounded in today’s uncertain world.

Many would say that I have a calm style based on thoughtfulness, objectivity and unflappability. Instead, I believe my approach is rooted in a firm foundation continually enhanced by a diversity of enriching experiences.