Every accomplishment begins with a dream built on faith and courage. But first we must be dreamers. What do you want to accomplish? What do you want to change? What do you want for yourself? Our ability to achieve is limited only by our imagination.

One of my mentors, Harriet Tubman, was a dreamer. She was born a slave but became a leader in the Underground Railroad. Her life inspires me. She was a God-fearing woman who spoke softly. She encountered numerous obstacles in her quest for freedom, yet she resolutely pursued her dream. I have incorporated Harriet’s life style into 10 steps to success.

  1. Develop a Reputation For High Standards. Expect and pursue excellence. Harriet led 300 slaves to freedom because of the attention she paid to detail.
  2. Speak With Quiet Dignity. Harriet displayed a quiet strength. Her authority was evident in the manner in which she led.
  3. Fight The Right Fight. Evaluate your adversary and know your options. Don’t fight everything. It’s not worth the pain nor the negative reputation that will follow you.
  4. Develop Expertise. Learn what is up and coming. Develop the skills needed to address it, and become the person everyone can depend on.
  5. Mentor, Network, Mentor. Seek advice from leaders and stay in touch. As you succeed, mentor others. They will become your eyes and ears when you are not present and your voice when you cannot defend yourself. Once free, Harriet risked her life returning to the South to bring others to freedom.
  6. Think Before You Speak About Anything To Anyone.
  7. Challenge The Status Quo. If something needs to be changed, change it. Let the obstacles, difficulties and frustration strengthen you.
  8. Be a Visionary and Bold Strategist. Harriet pursued her dream. Have a vision and develop a strategy to market and pur- sue your dream. Without a strategy others will use your skills, take your ideas and market them as their own.
  9. Prioritize Family. Have a life outside the job by prioritizing time for yourself and your family. Their support will keep you strong during difficult times.
  10. Seek God First. Let prayer become a part of your daily ritual. Harriet prayed before every journey. Through faith, you will gain strength, knowing that regardless of what occurs, God will see you through.