There are two points that I would like to share with women who are rising stars. First, have a great sense of humor. Second, live a fulfilling personal life.

Having a great sense of humor makes each day go faster. It also helps when we don’t take ourselves or situations so seriously. There is nothing more sobering than to turn on the news channel after a full day in the office. So many serious things happen in the world during the course of an eight-hour (or 12-hour!) day, that the news puts it all in perspective for us.

Of course, we need to work hard, put all our effort into what we do and pay full attention to the issues that we deal with during the day. It doesn’t hurt, however, to take a short break during the day to share a smile or laugh with col- leagues. It really helps us to transition to the next phone call or e-mail with a refreshed attitude!

It is equally important to pay as close attention to our personal lives as we do to our work lives. We all have heard stories of women who put so much into their work that they have no time or energy left for their husbands, children, parents or communities. We don’t want to let life pass us by (because we all know how time flies!) and wake up one day not really knowing our family and friends and feeling alone. While work is a critical part of our lives and identities, always remember to “work to live” not “live to work.”

Get involved in your church and community organizations. Spend quality time with family and friends. Treasure those special, quiet moments—they may be once-in-a-lifetime opportunities! Read, garden, cook or nurture another activity that you have a passion for. Don’t let work become your only focus—you will actually be less effective that way. Enjoy life!