Every person can be a leader. From your very first day on the job until the day you retire, you can lead. Leadership has little to do with the title you have or how much money you make. Rather, it’s the way in which you go about doing the very best you can in everything you do.

Throughout my professional career, I’ve seen the qualities of leadership displayed by individuals in an array of positions. The common thread shared among all was the pride, enthusiasm and knowledge they brought with them each and every day, as well as their ability to respect the professionalism and contribution of others. The moment they entered the workplace, their positive attitude and willingness to listen, learn and share their expertise were evident. I found myself wanting to talk to those people, to be around them and to learn as much as I could from them. Individuals who possess those qualities are the type of people who are leaders.

I will leave you with a few “pearls of wisdom” I’ve picked up over the years:

  • The best leaders are those who are committed to developing other leaders.
  • Lead by the combination of example, thought and voice.
  • Fierce honesty and integrity are the foundation of sustained leadership.

More personally, I’m reminded that leadership is the result of a number of experiences and influences that have taught me invaluable lessons. I never forget that I am blessed with family and friends who deeply care. And I am proud to know that I
stand on the shoulders of people from humble beginnings who had lofty aspirations and expectations. Celebrate the joy of being a woman!