A common thread in every job I have had is that I have wanted to make a difference. This desire propelled me to accomplish innovative and lasting projects that benefited the organization and the people in it. When I look back, I know that I did not do everything alone. I had supervisors who believed in me, colleagues who trusted me and staff who supported me. Below are some important points of advice that have helped me:

  • Ask yourself what you want to accomplish when you take a job, and stick to it until it is done. Once you accomplish it, look for another meaningful project.
  • Share your vision with the people you lead, and give them the autonomy to do the job. All of us want to have a clear goal and to get involved in achieving something bigger than ourselves. The sharing and achieving energize us all.
  • Develop your employees so that the talent pool can be sustained. When your staff members are top performers, you become a top performer.
  • Be grateful to those who helped you and reciprocate. They will be your loyal assets.
  • Keep on learning because the world keeps on changing. In addition to sharpening your trade skills, you should continuously develop your interpersonal and leadership skills. You can always learn from others. Imitate their strengths; reflect upon yourself when observing their weak-nesses. Learn from your own mistakes. Listen to constructive criticism carefully.
  • Focus on positive thinking. Setbacks and trials are great character-building opportunities. The struggles, endurance, suffering and patience help people mature and prepare them to face greater challenges in the future.
  • Examine yourself frequently. Did you try to do your best? Were you faithful when conducting business with others? Have you kept your promises to others?

As a chef would say, all good food starts with fine ingredients. The recipe for success in your job and in life begins with a healthy body and mind, happy family life and caring friends.