Learning Keeps Things Exciting

I have been fortunate to work on many interesting and complex legal projects, with endless learning opportunities, throughout my career, which has fueled my professional passion in ways big and small. The nature of the matter has never been as important as whether the role I might be able to play would be challenging and expose me to new areas that I could learn from and build upon.

When I was much younger, I guided whitewater rafting trips in Alaska and taught English in Mexico City. I didn’t take these jobs because I thought the skills I learned may be applicable to any specific career, but what I learned has absolutely served me. I learned to work in male dominated professions, and I learned how to work smart and find paths forward no matter how stressful the situation. By the time I practiced law, I had the confidence to take on difficult cases and learn new areas of the law so that I could zealously advocate for my clients.

Continuous learning helps create new perspectives that lead to novel legal solutions. Nowhere has this been more apparent than when working and servicing my clients in the cannabis industry. Each day requires out-of-the-box thinking, which can’t happen unless I am consistently learning new skills and new ways to provide professional services to my clients.

I am really proud of my reputation as one of the country’s leading experts on cannabis banking law and complex hemp/CBD regulatory and compliance frameworks. Becoming an expert took a considerable amount of time, but most important, it took a willingness to learn—and to keep learning—in order to successfully service an emerging industry like cannabis where the rules are constantly changing. Learning keeps things exciting, and keeping my career engaging helps me stay in the game.