Mentoring is all about strengthening the weakness and trusting the strengths of an individual. Mentors work in partnership and lead by example. Although I have had many mentors in different spheres, my father has taught me the most; to work hard and never look back has been his guru mantras. My mother has stood by me through thick and thin. The support from my family has motivated me to move forward.

When I began my career 14 years ago with a start-up, the main lesson was to connect and I have carried that with me to this day. The more we connect, the more we find solutions and arrive at win-win situations. When I look back, the knowledge gained has been tremendous and rewarding. It comes full circle. What is gained is what you give so don’t keep it to yourself.

Hardships are bound to follow, so don’t give up or else you will not mature. Moving up in the ladder has had its own set of challenges. A woman in a crowd of men will not be taken seriously. It becomes all the more important to keep a positive attitude and remain focused, which I have done. This has helped me to achieve my goals and move on while learning valuable lessons along the way.

Much of my current role in ACS is as a strategic advisor working to educate the senior management about cultural differences as I take on an international role. It’s a very fulfilling job that allows me to travel to different countries. Family support is a key ingredient to this success and I have been fortunate to be blessed with a very supporting family.

My advice to young women is to find the right mentor and trust the guidance, gain knowledge and share what you have gained. It is a very fruitful experience to be a mentor as mentoring expedites the innovation process and learning curve for our current talent and the next generation.