My STEM Experience

I work with many founders and C-suite women. It is an exciting place to see so many women start their own companies and occupy high-level positions with so much confidence. They are all an inspiration to me, my colleagues, and so many women around them.

As a co-lead of Women of Withum, I also enjoy advocating for women at all levels. At Withum, the messaging comes from the top—our CEO, Bill Hagaman, and CEO-Elect, Pat Walsh. Both have been huge supporters since I joined Withum seven years ago.

My most important note for women is that you should surround yourself with allies, sponsors, and mentors, and they don’t all have to be women. Men are great allies!

The Changing World of STEM

Specifically in my field, the recent introduction of accounting to STEM has been a great step in the right direction. We have seen an increasingly large overlap with technology, data and analytics, AI/ML, and other related elements within our clients on a daily basis. For anyone looking to combine a more traditional STEM experience with the business world, our career path offers a fantastic opportunity, and this recent integration of accounting has only elevated the awareness of that.

Women in STEM—Looking Forward 5 Years

Throughout my career, I have seen women make impressive advances. It has been an exciting journey to be part of and to watch. Today, I love that our entry-level women don’t view themselves any differently from men. I am looking forward to this generation of women, as they become managers, continuing to pay it forward by supporting and mentoring the next generation of women in STEM.