We live in a world saturated in technology. It can seem impossible to keep up, and true communication and human connection appear to have suffered. Technological tools have rapidly connected the globe, making it seem ever smaller. However, our virtual connections can create different dynamics in relationships.

Our job as leaders is to ensure we are using technology as a tool – not as a replacement for our humanity, but as a leveraging point for the many positive impacts we can make in the local and global communities where we serve and operate. The impact we can make is no longer restricted to our four walls. Indeed, the reach of our influence can be far greater than we will ever know. Many women have a great talent for communication and personal interaction. Combining that with the education gained from school or life experience and the technological tools available to us can be very powerful.

Jobs can be fixed, roles can change, but human impact is everlasting. As women in business, we are face with different challenges than our mothers faced before us. We have a responsibility as leaders and as women to continue to drive positive change and to be thankful for the many sacrifices of those before us. Whether the struggle was about race, equality, economics and/or social injustice, we must continue their legacy of paving the way for those to come. We must make the world better.