I make sure that opportunities for diverse candidates keep knocking

I am most passionate about creating opportunities for candidates from diverse backgrounds. Throughout my career, I have been devoted to the belief that building teams that are composed of different cultures and backgrounds leads to the creation of the strongest and most successful organizations.

As someone who began her career as an immigrant and young mother, I understand the significance of having access to programs and resources that can help aspiring candidates kick start their careers. My firsthand experience drove my desire to advocate for initiatives that would provide non-traditional candidates with the necessary support and opportunities to pursue a career in tech.

At Cognizant, my primary focus was to drive the development of new organizational structures that aimed to foster a more diverse workforce. I had the opportunity to lead the company’s Women in Engineering program that aimed at creating valuable tech opportunities specifically for women and increasing their representation within the tech workforce. As Chief Operating Officer, I also developed a comprehensive workforce strategy that emphasized diversity within the organization’s personnel in order to create a multifaceted workforce and modernized culture.

My passion for creating opportunities and diverse workforces led me to Revature, a leading talent enablement firm, whose mission is to create pathways to technology careers for candidates from diverse backgrounds.

In my current role as the senior vice president of customer success at Revature, my primary focus is to develop a motivated and qualified tech workforce that can help our partners reach their staffing and technology goals. At Revature, I have had the opportunity to lead talent enablement programs that emphasize the creation of opportunities for junior workforce members and students from nontraditional educational backgrounds, as well as veterans and other communities that are under-represented in the field of technology.

A large part of my role also entails connecting with community organizations and educational institutions to develop partnerships and resources that help connect a broader range of candidates to career opportunities.

I feel fortunate to work for a company like Revature that allows me to put my strengths and passions into action, and I’m committed to continuing to work to foster diversity through Revature’s talent enablement programs that provide career opportunities to those in often underrepresented groups.