My Tremendous STEM Adventure

I would describe my career as exciting, different than I expected, full of opportunity, and overall, tremendous. I started off writing code and working in the utilities industry, not knowing that I would eventually end up in financial services. But I am glad I did. I have truly loved my career so far. I have had the pleasure of leading a number of large-scale, transformational initiatives, with talented technology teams and respected organizations. I’ve worked with and learned from some of the industry’s greatest visionaries. I’ve failed, at times, but I was able to use those opportunities for growth and reflection because I had a strong support network around me.

I can say with confidence that I gave each day, role, opportunity, and challenge my all. I worked hard, collaborated with amazing teams, and celebrated many successes. I have loved my experiences as a woman in STEM, even the low points because they provided some of my greatest opportunities for learning. To say that I feel privileged is an understatement. Being a woman in STEM is tremendous, and I look forward to paving the way for and inspiring the next generation of strong female leaders. 

Women in STEM 5 Years Out

I hope we will continue to see a reduction in the gender gap for senior roles and board positions. As that movement expands, seeing women in high-level leadership and executive roles will become less shocking, with fewer “firsts.” Also, I hope that dialogue will focus on what matters—the work—and there will be more emphasis on the value, strength, and leadership women in STEM bring to changing the world. 

If You’re Considering a STEM Career

There is no better place to be in 2020 than in a STEM field—especially technology! Technological advances continue to change the way that we live, work, interact, collaborate, and more. Being a woman in STEM, during this exciting time, means that you are part of changing the world. Literally. We are innovating, bringing our unique perspective to change and leadership. In addition, we are leading and working at a time when diversity is a focus, and we are seeing progress. While STEM careers are still challenging at times, we are changing the dialogue for the women who will follow in our footsteps. I feel privileged to be a technology leader in this dynamic and exciting time, and a female leader at a time when diversity has reached an inflection point.