What Ignites My Professional Passion?

A world where all individuals are treated equitably, where people feel safe to be authentically who they are, and where you are not judged by your race, ethnicity, gender, sexual orientation, or disability. All of these fuel my passion to create awareness and build programs on the value of diversity and inclusion.

My family has a long history of being community activists, especially during the civil rights movements. I see myself incorporating that rich legacy and commitment into my role as a diversity and inclusion leader. I am inspired by those that came before me to continue to do the work I lead in corporate America and nurture a culture of inclusion, where differences are embraced and seen as our superpower.

In order to understand and accept each other’s differences, we need to offer environments in which people can ask questions and learn without judgment—creating a penalty-free zone that encourages a culture of learning. Allies can be incredibly important in bringing attention to marginalized communities when their voices are not heard. Being an active ally requires us to ask ourselves specific questions: Are you being an active listener? Are you being open-minded to learn and understand? Are you advocating for others if a situation is not right? Great allies have courageous, uncomfortable conversations, advocate for others, and speak up in times of need. True allyship is a culture of inclusion and understanding through action, not just words.

I am heartened by the idea of building on the successes we have already achieved and the new opportunities we have to embed diversity and inclusion within our culture. And although I love advocating for diversity and inclusion, I am mindful that I have to take time for myself to recharge and re-energize, so that I can continue to support people in the best possible way. Motivating a discovery mindset culture that seeks to learn and appreciate our differences, inspires me every day to continue my work.