As AT&T’s first Chief Digital Officer, Teresa Ostapower encourages therecruitment, development, advancement, and retention of women in STEM fields. She has spent 30 years steadily rising through historically male-dominated roles, with most of her career in the technology space.

Her leadership abilities have helped her adapt to a constantly changing field of work and enabled her to lead a team of nearly 3,000 in supporting some of the most important processes AT&T relies on to do business. Carrying the same strengths over in her mentoring and STEM advocacy roles, she engages and guides women of all ages as they face the challenges associated with pursuing careers in technology.

Today, she is leading one of the most significant pivots in AT&T’s history, the transformation from an analog company to a digital one. She is responsible for the company’s web properties and digital touchpoints. As part of her role, she heads AT&T’s Digital First initiative, with focus on expanding and accelerating digital capabilities for customers as well as driving down costs for the business.

In the words of Teresa Ostapower:

What barriers are in the way to closing the gender gap in STEM?
“Don’t let your title or your role define what you are. There has been great progress over the years since I first entered the technology field. There’s more acceptance than ever before.”

How is the world changing with respect to STEM?
“Technology is at the forefront of nearly every business in the world today.”

How can the world increase diversity in STEM fields?
“It’s important to be active in ongoing training, coaching, and development. Helping these types of groups get out and inspire our students to embrace STEM goes a long way to helping drive the diversity we need.”

What can be done to move women forward in STEM?

“Rather than being intimidated or challenged by change, embrace it. Find that dedication inside you to work hard every day, mentoring women of all ages – all while balancing your family’s needs and active participation in the community.”

Words I live by:
“I’ve relied on four guiding principles to help build a satisfying and fulfilling career: Be Bold. Be passionate, positive and prominent. Be worth more than youmake. Be balanced.”