Women have many opportunities for growth and success in today’s business community. We have unique talents, attitudes and skills that allow us to make a positive effect in all areas of business. Even in areas traditionally considered male-dominated territory, women can make significant contributions and change the way business is done.

Success is measured differently for each individual. It is important to understand what motivates you, what makes you happy and what legacy you want to leave in your professional and personal lives. There are a few tenets that I share with those who ask what motivates me.

DISCOVER YOUR PASSION. From an early age I knew that I wanted to follow a creative path. I was fortunate to have parents and teachers who recognized my talents and gave me the encouragement to explore my passion for design. I enjoy my job, and appreciate all the experiences and opportunities that it has provided me. Success comes from knowing that you are doing what you love, with people that you value, and making a difference not only in the work but for the greater enterprise.

EMBRACE CHANGE. We are all confronted with changing situations, job assignments and business climates. The choices we make in responding to these changes dictate whether we will be successful or merely tread water until the next change comes along. Some of my greatest achievements have come about in the most unexpected and unplanned ways. I am grateful for the challenges and believe that they have made me a more grounded leader and given me perspective that I would otherwise not have found.

BUILD YOUR NETWORK. We are only as good as the people with which we surround ourselves. It is important to find caring mentors, trusted colleagues and good friends to support and guide us through the journey. Success comes from building and nurturing relationships, working together to achieve common goals.

GIVE BACK. The responsibility of success is to invest yourself in the community and to make a difference. Everyone can make a difference, whether it is mentoring a colleague, volunteering for a charitable group, or raising funds for a worthy cause. You will find yourself learning from others, making important connections and gaining new perspectives that will help you grow in your profession and as a leader.