I Embraced Professional Growth—Now I’m Doing What I Love

A personal challenge that I overcame helped me identify what I am most passionate about professionally. I worked for an organization where, at first, there were significant growth opportunities, a clear path to where the organization was headed, and a well-defined role for me. As the business grew, that clear path started to twist and turn, and clouded the way forward. The ambiguity of my career path in a start-up company was challenging; yet, while the experience was uncomfortable, the journey helped me more than I could have imagined.

I was fortunate to start my career in legal tech at a time of great growth and innovation. My organization grew from fewer than 100 employees to thousands in a short time. I frequently moved to areas of the business that required the most attention. As I moved from operations to quality control to sales leadership, all in a male-dominated industry, I braced myself before each move, worrying about the gaps in my skills. I learned over time to not be overly concerned with what I did not know, but instead, to focus on where I could add value. My passion rests in organizational and professional communication and development, aiding in the growth of the business by caring for, mentoring, and leading team members at every level.

When I stopped being distracted about perceived knowledge gaps, trusted my ability to pick up niche skills when needed, and focused on where I could shine, the fear of an ambiguous career path dissipated. I transformed areas of uncertainty into action items. I attended conferences, traveled to our international offices to understand how our teams excelled, and made educational opportunities a priority.

While I enjoyed the challenge of learning all aspects of the business, I realized that my opportunities to drive meaningful change had stagnated. My days became routine, and the personal touch with external and internal clients was lost in a culture shift within the organization. I had worked at the company for over a decade and was comfortable leading teams. Yet, it became clear that opportunities for growth were narrow, and the needs of the company no longer aligned with my professional interests and goals.

The notion of changing jobs after such a long tenure at a company was terrifying. After much soul searching, I chose growth, and that decision was the hardest challenge I’ve faced in my professional career. I left a safe leadership role to join an organization where I did not have years of goodwill to assist in enabling change. I am back to doing what I love, developing technology solutions with teams dedicated to excellent client service, while helping others navigate the ambiguity of their careers in this fast-paced profession.