Each of us has a responsibility to make a difference. We all have the power to positively impact change. I am lucky that my success has allowed me to give back. I believe that we only need to impact one person at a time to affect change. That makes it less overwhelming.

I have been a volunteer most of my life, inspired by my family. Across the years, my volunteer work focus has evolved to include education, nature, the sciences, and diversity. Not only do these areas matter to me personally but education, science, and diversity are important focuses for the company as well.

Recently, Nielsen held its Global Impact Day where thousands of employees around the world volunteered to help organizations in their local communities, including helping the homeless, working at local schools, cleaning up parks, and raising awareness about cancer.

The Change The Equation Initiative, a partnership with public and private sector organizations and agencies to improve America’s public education policy and performance in the areas of STEM, is an innovative approach to the STEM issue. As we move ahead, we will see significant demand for jobs in these sectors. I believe our nation’s future is tied to our children’s achievements, so it is critical that we invest in the next generation.

Diversity education is imperative. As the world’s population evolves and as minorities become the majority, it is critical that we are connected to the changing landscape. It opens the door to many opportunities, perspectives, and areas of growth. With rapid changes in technology and social media exploding on all fronts, socioeconomic and political, there are many challenges to keep pace. I haven’t been in school for awhile but I feel like I am learning something new every day and am reminded that learning doesn’t stop in the classroom. Learning is a lifelong endeavor. Embrace it.