“What do you want to be when you grow up?” For me, that question wasn’t a big deal. My parents taught me that it didn’t really matter what you did for a living, but whatever you chose to do, you had to do it well.

The success I’ve achieved in life has come from heeding that lesson. Whether it was music, sports, college, law school, work, or being a mom, I tried my very best to do whatever i did well.

How? By always working hard, being prepared, listening, learning, having courage, earning others’ respect and trust, and never forgetting who i was and what was important. When you combine that with a passion for what you do, success is inevitable.

I’m passionate about what my company, Bausch & Lomb, has been doing for 155 years. We help people see. I have personally observed peoples’ lives change for the better because of what we do, and i’m proud of that. I’m also passionate about my role in the company. As head of compliance, I help our employees obtain the right results in the right way. I also remind them that no matter what their job is, each of them makes a difference. Together, we perfect vision and enhance life.

Use your passion to inspire others to do great things. be the change you wish to see. Do not underestimate your ability to make a difference.

I can’t take full credit for my success. I’ve been blessed in so many ways throughout my life and I have had the opportunity to learn from wonderful people who believed in me. Although I’ve thanked them along the way, the best way to show my appreciation is to believe in others, encouraging them to be passionate about what they do and be the best they can be.

Whatever you do, do it well. Be real. Be kind. Enjoy each day. Live a full and happy life.