Our success depends on what we learn, what we share and how we grow. Our lives are shaped by people and by
experiences. My early lessons were based on the words, actions and expectations of my family. Mom and Dad insisted that each of their five children be polite, respect others, work hard, accept responsibility and never bring shame to the family.
My “postal family” has provided me a great many lessons as well. Over 30 years, I’ve had a variety of experiences and assignments and the pleasure of learning from great people. I’d like to share what I’ve learned.

  • SEEK OUT GOOD MENTORS AND BE A GOOD ROLE MODEL. As the oldest child, I was expected to set a good example and give feedback to my siblings, reinforcing the expectations of our parents. As I’ve moved through my career, I’ve realized that everyone needs a good mentor, and we each have a responsibility to reinvest our learning in those who come after us.
  • WORK HARD AND ACCEPT RESPONSIBILITY. When you are asked to take on a task, deliver on your promises. If your effort fall short of expectations, accept responsibility and learn from the disappointments. At all times demonstrate that integrity is a core value for you and expect it from those on your team.
  • RESPECT OTHERS FOR THEIR DIFFERENCES. I have been blessed with many wonderful relationships: family, confidantes, close friends and terrific team members. Relationships provide support and love, grant us the great gift of feedback, open our eyes to the value of differences and teach us patience, tolerance and the importance of sharing.
  • LISTEN, LISTEN, LISTEN. It is very easy to jump in and attempt to solve a problem. It’s more difficult to listen. Listen to understand, listen to diagnose, listen to determine how to best persuade others, and listen to motivate. When we understand where others are coming from, it makes leading much easier.
  • SPREAD ENTHUSIASM. Did you ever notice the electricity in the air when fans cheer for their team? This is also true about the enthusiasm you show for your work and the efforts of your team. Be passionate about every challenge that is presented to you, and your team will feel the enthusiasm and join in to achieve success.

Life is a series of learning opportunities; take advantage of each and every one!