Both an experienced litigator and strategic advisor, Susan Nardone helps regional and national employers meet challenges associated with the employment relationship. A director in Gibbons P.C.’s Employment & Labor Law department, she provides strategic and preventive legal services throughout the employment life cycle, using all available forums – litigation, counseling, employee training, workplace investigations and mediation.

Nardone provides thought leadership for the New Jersey employment law community. She presents educational programs and writes about trending human resources and employment topics in leading regional publications and forums. She is also on the roster of court-approved mediators for the Superior Court of New Jersey and the certified mediator list for the District Court for the District of New Jersey.

She is active in the firm’s mentoring programs, including the Gibbons Women’s Initiative, through which she helps new associates integrate into firm life and provides support, career development counseling, and institutional and professional knowledge.

Nardone, who has been practicing law since 1993, can point to many professional accomplishments. “However, if I had to pick one thing, I think it was being the first female attorney at my current law firm, where I have been for 18 years, to be promoted to Counsel and then Director while working a reduced schedule,” she relates. “When I had my children and began working parttime as an associate, I was determined to prove not only that it could work, but that it was beneficial for the firm and our clients. My commitment to my job never wavered; I was efficient and focused. With the support of the firm and my family, I was able to keep my career moving forward.”

“It sounds cliché, but I became a leader by watching and learning from male and female leaders that I was fortunate enough to come into contact with. I also ran into some not-so-great leaders along the way and learned from them, too,” Nardone explains. “Some people are born leaders. Others, through drive and determination, learn to be good leaders. I encountered people in my career who, for one reason or another, impressed me. I tried to incorporate what I saw as their positive attributes into my own professional self. I think that the best way to help other women is by sharing your experiences.”