Stacey Slaughter, partner at Robins Kaplan LLP, has helped litigate, and resolve, several high-profile and innovative cases, affecting the financial markets over the past decade. In lawsuits involving residential-mortgage-backed securities and conspiracies in private-equity buyouts, she helped recover more than one billion dollars for her clients. LIBOR (Intercontinental Exchange London Interbank Offered Rate) and foreign-exchange manipulation in Europe are also among the large cases she has been involved in.

Slaughter’s profile on issues impacting financial institutions is such that she has been named one of the 25 Most Influential Women in Securities Law by Law360 and has taught New York State Bar Association courses on high-volume trading and dark pools. She also co-chairs the Hennepin County Bar Association’s Business & Securities Law Section and is the executive director of the International Financial Litigation Network, a leading global litigation network consisting of more than 40 law firms in 20 countries.

Slaughter’s legal work has been recognized by clients for its creativity, judgment, skill, strategy, and flawless execution—and for achieving extraordinary results. She says this recognition is her proudest professional accomplishment.

Slaughter says she became a leader as soon as she realized that leadership takes many forms and that you don’t need to have the title “leader” in order to be one. “Today’s exemplary leadership paradigms are less ego-centric, do not require one to be anointed a leader, and value the input of many talented and diverse voices. I hope that the people I work with see leadership as something that we can all share,” she explains.

For Slaughter, obstacles are opportunities. “I approach obstacles with solutions in mind and use them as learning opportunities moving forward. It’s how you deal with obstacles that’s important.” She also offers this advice to women moving up in their careers: “Know what you want and why you want it. Be honest with yourself and allow that to guide your path.”