Together We Thrive

I’ve always been a person with lots of energy, but during the pandemic, I felt this heaviness—a profound sense of being tired. It heightened my understanding and appreciation of an intrinsic and intangible dynamic of life—the importance and uplifting power that arises from the chemistry of being and interacting with people.

During the height of the pandemic, I served as Galderma’s Head of LATAM. Despite the obstacles created by the health crisis, we cultivated an enhanced culture, inspired by deep connections to company, purpose, and one another. We focused on each other and our future needs, rekindling a dialogue that resulted in a reenergized return to the office, understanding the in-office experiences we treasured and could foster when we returned.

Our office became a magnet—the place where our community felt valued and empowered, supported and drawn together. The energy was electric; we found we were able to be more creative and effective as a team and as individuals, allowing us to reach new heights together.

Now, as I assume the role of head of Galderma U.S., and we prepare to move our headquarters from Fort Worth to Dallas, Texas, I am focused on leveraging the move as a catalyst for positive change. Leading with compassion and empathy, we are assembling as a community to co-create new ways of working, designed to unite us as we open this new chapter. I want to champion an environment that promotes a healthy culture and growth mindset by being together.

It will be critical to ensure that all employees feel empowered and included in the process, and recognize how vital they are to our success. We are prioritizing ongoing discussions throughout the entire organization to create new agreements that will shape our work culture. Instead of issuing a top-down directive, we are encouraging everyone to join the conversation.

Some of the most pivotal moments in my career happened when people allowed me to be “in the room.” Having the opportunity to observe and learn from others has allowed me to progress in my professional journey, and I want to ensure we give everyone, especially new colleagues, those same opportunities for growth and advancement. We’ll never be able to effectively do that in an all-remote environment; that’s why I believe the best path forward is to create new ways of working that harness the power of in-person collaboration with the office as a hub, along with flexibility to work away from the office to strike a balance for independent work. Both connection and collaboration will be the foundation of our success. I am excited to forge a path with my new team into this new era.