To be successful in today’s corporate world, I believe you must have integrity, respect for people, a desire to continue to advance your education, and a commitment to teamwork. You must set high standards for yourself and deliver what you promise. I also believe you need to find a strong mentor.

I have been fortunate to have many mentors over the course of my career who took real interest in furthering my capabilities and my career. These mentors have encouraged me, given me honest feedback, and helped me to value a balanced approach to work and personal life. This experience has helped form the principles that continue to guide my career. I believe that finding the right mentor can make a world of difference in helping you develop the required leadership skills to become a future leader in the organization.

I also believe it is important to take advantage of the programs that will help you continuously improve your skills and support your advancement. These include online training, leadership development programs, formal educational courses and joining external organizations. Industry organizations and networking groups provide tremendous opportunities to meet people and tap into expertise within and around your industry. Being proactive and developing a strong network will help you develop a solid support system that will aid in both your personal and professional success.

Lastly, promoting teamwork and learning how to foster teamwork are critical to succeeding in today’s corporate environment. I believe you need to lead by example and demonstrate a strong commitment to teamwork. Teamwork is all about learning to be collaborative, flexible, and committed to the success of the organization. As leaders, it is essential to delicately balance the needs of the organization with the needs of the individual’s career so that a win-win situation is achieved. Finding the right balance and treating people with respect will strengthen the teamwork and ultimately lead to outstanding business results. This will also position you well for further career advancement.