We Can Transform Corporate Culture for Good

We’ve come a long way in establishing gender equality in our society. However, it feels as if we’re still just beginning to see women take on more prominent roles in business, politics, and other sectors where men have dominated the cultural landscape. Companies like my own, with a more progressive and forward-thinking outlook, are working diligently to champion pay, job title, and promotion equity. However, there’s still room for improvement.

Needless to say, much more needs to be done—particularly when it comes to women’s own internal struggle to overcome the archaic cultural norms and systematic gender bias that have prevailed over generations. For instance, most women won’t apply for a job if they can’t check off the box for each required skill on a job posting, simply due to a lack of confidence. On the other hand, men will often apply with decisive self-assurance, even if they only meet some of the requirements. And during an interview, many men come across as confident, even if they’re unfamiliar with what might be required of them. Many women demonstrate confidence, but still question their fit for the job.

While equality for women in the workplace is showing improvement, bias still exists. When a strong woman takes charge, gender-based stereotyping may be evoked, and collaboration and cooperation from both male and female coworkers can go south. On the other hand, a collaborative, professional, and polite woman can be categorized as a weak leader, eliciting a condescending attitude from managers and coworkers.

Leaders in an organization are the key to making any work environment a welcoming, safe, and fair environment for all employees. When a problematic situation occurs, it’s imperative to point out the issue in a very professional manner and follow or define the appropriate process to create change for the better.

As women, we should especially work together to shape the corporate culture, rectify any wrongful behavior, and transform it for the greater good.