Businesses will have to figure out how to handle innovation and how to best serve their employees and customers

I’m passionate about using transformations as a form of problem solving, and am extremely fortunate to have built a career at the intersection of digital experience, data and emerging technology to influence customer experience design. For me, elevating customer experience is like solving a puzzle – it’s about removing friction, inventing new ways of doing old things.

Digital disruption has been occurring for decades. Overtime, we’ve seen incredible examples like the evolution from videotapes to DVDs to Blu-ray or the introduction of platforms like Airbnb and Uber that disrupt society and bring about more accessibility and ease to everyday life. Today, we’re exploring how to solve problems with new tools like Generative AI and 5G among others, which have and will continue to heavily influence the way we live, work and play – much like the internet first did.

However, implementing these new innovations is only half the battle. As a leader, I’m highly focused on the importance of listening to both consumers and team members as a way that moves the needle forward and creates change. Beyond the tech itself, understanding customers from a 360-degree view of insights, changing expectations and their unmet needs, play a pivotal role in implementing new ways to improve and provide more intuitive and unique experiences.

Not to mention, new opportunities also present a learning curve, and the quality of an organization’s team can be the reason it ultimately succeeds or fails. When it comes to identifying solutions, the most valuable asset is having a strong team of people and partners of diverse backgrounds that bring different perspectives to the table. In this light my approach has always been to listen intently, understand our strengths, and fiercely support our team’s thoughts and contributions. At Verizon, I’m determined to bring these aspects together by ensuring our physical, retail, industrial, omnichannel, and digital teams are working together to fully understand user needs and pain points in order to provide efficient customer service programs.