I work with organizations and individuals to start and grow businesses, programs, and careers that help improve the quality of life around the world. By combining corporate social responsibility initiatives, nonprofit ventures, and individual healing, I believe we can make waves to create big change and ease the universal suffering related to generational trauma and violence, which so often goes hand-in-hand with poverty, addiction, depression, and hopelessness. Behind all of my work is the desire to assist in breaking the chain of destructive cycles.

I am a masterful networker, communicator, organizer, and innovator, and I take a solution-based, positive-affirmation approach in leadership and life. I am highly intuitive, and can tap into people’s passions and gifts that they may not see themselves. Having taken years to discover my own purpose in life, it is my mission to be of service to others as they discover theirs. As the founder of Africa Healing Exchange (AHE), and in partnership with experts in the field of psychology, medicine, and economic development, I am building unique models for individual healing and recovery, with the goal of creating a ripple effect that will change the world. My vision for AHE is based on a reciprocal exchange and whereby partnerships with indigenous organizations lead to national leadership, ownership, and program sustainability. Through the development of this and other socially-driven organizations, I am testing out new tools and techniques for effective leadership and cross-cultural collaboration. I am learning how to bridge the divide between nations, religions, political affiliations, and sectors.

My advice: Be as humble as you are proud. Let go of the outcome and trust in the process. Be of service and do what has meaning to you. Remember who you are, so you can speak your truth and live your purpose.

On Finding Success and Staying Competitive
Networking, a positive attitude, and remaining open to change are critical to success. Also, the field of trauma and mental illness can be very draining, so I make self-care a priority.

On the Importance of Role Models and Mentors
I look to Nelson Mandela as one of the most powerful and inspirational change agents of this century. His life exemplifies perseverance and resilience through adversity.

On Facing Challenges
I took a risk in starting a nonprofit when I was a single mother of a baby. After all, the promise of earning a salary through this work was questionable. I had some fear, but I knew in my heart I was on a purpose-driven path.

Sara’s Advice to Young Women Starting Careers
Watch your language! Consider your self-talk and observe the words you use to describe your current state of being and the world around you. What you put out there is what you will attract.