Trailblazing in Texas Energy Sector

As president and CEO of Entergy Texas, Inc., Sallie Rainer is a trailblazer reshaping the electrical utility landscape in southeast Texas.

She provides executive oversight for the company’s electric infrastructure, customer service, regulatory and governmental affairs, economic development and financial performance. Entergy Texas serves 430,000 customers in 27 counties.

Under her leadership, the company’s sound ethical principles, alongside innovative initiatives in the community, have propelled the company to the forefront of the industry.

For two consecutive years, J.D. Powers and Associates has recognized Entergy Texas as Best in Class. Last year, Site Selection Magazine named the company one of the nation’s top 10 utilities in economic development for nearly $14.4 billion of capital investment and the creation of about 7,200 jobs in its service territory.

Her colleagues say her leadership has instilled forward-thinking strategies to deliver value to customers, communities and the region. An example is the advocacy of $173 million in transmission additions and improvements to the company’s existing power grid for delivering customer service excellence and economic development opportunities to the region.

Rainer believes good communication skills and the ability to build strong relationships across organizations are critical to success. “This coupled with a strong work ethic will take you a long way,” she said.

Rainer’s colleagues say she’s instrumental in infrastructure improvements, economic development opportunities for communities, advocating for a diverse and inclusive workplace, and playing a key role in community organizations.

When asked about being a woman in her profession, Rainer said it has been a rewarding experience. “Take on something you don’t think you can do,” she said. “I learned you can really surprise yourself.”

Rainer is a mentor and advocate for women to realize their full potential in the traditionally male-dominated energy industry. Earlier this year, she was honored by the Greater Houston Women’s Chamber of Commerce by being named to their Breakthrough Women list. The award is bestowed upon industry and community trailblazers who demonstrate courage and leadership in reaching their career goals.

Rainer serves as a member of the board of directors for Interfaith of The Woodlands, Lone Star College Foundation, the United Way of Greater Houston Regional Council, and the Texas Children’s Hospital Ambassadors and Leadership Cabinet. She holds a BA in engineering technology from Louisiana State University and an MBA from Texas A&M University.