Increasing Diversity in STEM

Education is the key. I believe all of us should work towards making sure everyone, regardless of race, religion or ethnicity, should get a proper education. We must expose young minds to STEM fields and encourage those who are interested to follow their hearts and minds.

Moving Women Forward in STEM

Mentoring is one of the key aspects. We need to mentor women to help them take their “seat at the table” and not “leave before you leave” (as Sheryl Sandberg said in her book, Lean In). Mentors can help make sure women keep going and do not quit.

Women in STEM 5 Years down the Road

I see women growing and acquiring critical positions. As time passes, more and more women around the world have access to education; they are more aware of opportunities and career choices. Not just women, but people around them, are tuned in to the importance of building women’s futures. Slowly, but positively, we are increasing the support system for women in STEM.

My STEM Experience

My experience as a woman in a STEM career has been both enriching and challenging. Throughout my education and career, I have had deep support from my mother; she always supported me to follow my dreams and pursue whatever I wanted. I had many setbacks and challenges, but with my support system I came out of each one of them as a better person. I am fortunate enough to have had the right mentors to guide me. I still remember the first advice I got from one of mentors: Learn to manage your finances; do not be dependent on anyone — be independent. And my partner is a real partner — he always helps me with all duties. When our son born, never for a day did I feel it was only MY duty; it was always OUR duty.

Being women leader in a STEM career in 2020 is amazing. We are fortunate to have career choices, opportunities which our mothers never got. All of us should work together so that each woman can achieve higher success and follow her dreams.