“Since Sabrina Siddiqui joined eHealth Ontario, she has consistently exhibited enthusiasm and energy as a builder of external partnerships and a collaboration facilitator in a complex organization,” says her mentor and eHealth Ontario CEO, Cynthia Morton. “Sabrina brings a compelling mix of skills and personal style that opens doors, inspires innovation, and builds bridges to achieve common goals.”

As director of partnerships, Siddiqui has exhibited her talents in several powerful initiatives: as the organizational lead for a value assessment by the Ontario Premier’s office, which resulted in the successful renewal of the agency’s mandate; as champion of eHealth’s core business modernization, ensuring service sustainability and establishing a stronger relationship with key stakeholders; as designer of an IT Security practice for a top consulting company; and as a recipient of the Culture Champion Award.

“Siddiqui exemplifies the type of leader government needs to remain respectful, inclusive and progressive, in touch with public interests and open to change,” says Sabrina Siddiqui.

She champions employee engagement, and diversity and inclusion forums, encouraging and mentoring women as leaders in a typically male-dominated industry. Siddiqui understands the need to deliver results by leading, coaching and inspiring, which has contributed to a renewed sense of purpose at eHealth.

Siddiqui says her greatest professional accomplishment is having built dynamic, multifunctional teams and coaching them to peak performance in delivering services to the people of Ontario. Her efforts have resulted in reduced service-delivery times and cost savings through innovation and the strategic use of technology.

Siddiqui advises other professional women to pursue their passion, have fun and make a difference. “Surround yourself with positive, inspiring people who will empower you, but who will also challenge you to new heights,” she says. “Shed the voice in your head that might be making you second-guess yourself. Fortune favors the bold, as they say, so better to give it a shot and learn than to live with the regret of not having tried. Be the change you want to see!”