Enabling Women to Become Tomorrow’s Leaders

As a tax lawyer working at the heart of the asset management industry, I have long advocated for the advancement of women in law, in finance, and in business. I run an initiative for women in the investment funds and banking sectors and participate in a Rothschild-led, Women in Business network that helps women develop careers in asset management. Within Dechert, I co-lead our Global Women’s Initiative, an award-winning gender diversity program designed to help women advance and prepare them for leadership.

What these groups have in common is a membership cohort of achievers—women with talent and ideas who choose to get together to support each other in business, not to bemoan the glass ceiling or rail about injustice. My own initiative is a series of networking events. Each event involves an activity—the most recent was a private view of an exhibition at Christie’s auction house in Paris—and is framed around a discussion point concerning women in the industry. We are inclusive in our membership, welcoming talented individuals who work as bankers, advisers, or lawyers—people from all backgrounds working across the entire spectrum of asset management. Our members appreciate the chance to grow together by learning from each other.

I believe very strongly that women offer an approach to business that is different and valuable. One of my roles at Dechert is building bridges—finding the right people, putting together the right team, and designing a structure or strategy to achieve an objective. This is in my DNA, it’s what I do. My role is similar in leading women’s initiatives—providing energy and drive, helping instill confidence, and giving people the courage to take on daunting tasks or convincing them they can be both self-reliant and successful, and still do things their way. Ultimately, my vision of leadership is about guiding people, helping them to think a problem through and navigate around the obstacles.

We share this same vision at Dechert’s Global Women’s Initiative. Mentoring, professional development, and training on topics such as communication, management, leadership, and client relations lie at the core of our agenda. Our goal is that women will choose to stay at the firm and thrive within it, enabling them to become its leaders tomorrow.