Everybody Needs a Champion

When I reflect on my journey to my role today, as a leader in Capital Markets at one of the most diverse companies in the financial services industry, I am amazed, humbled, and empowered. As a young woman growing up in South Bend, Indiana, I never envisioned living in our nation’s capital—let alone serving in this exciting and challenging role at Fannie Mae.

I’ve been fortunate to have had champions and an incredible support system along the way. The commitment from my amazing mentors and sponsors—my parents, my college faculty advisor, my bosses, and coaches—have empowered and driven me to where I am today. They’ve given me advice and guidance, and they’ve challenged me to be my best.

Everybody needs a champion. That’s why it’s my personal goal to pay it forward and give others the same guidance and encouragement that has meant so much to me in my career.

So I have teamed up with my alma mater, Saint Mary’s College, an all-women’s college, to introduce students who may not otherwise consider financial services as a career to this industry, let them experience what it’s like to work in financial services, share my experience as a woman executive, and increase inclusion to this historically male-dominated field.

Fannie Mae recently hosted a Saint Mary’s College junior. She said of her experience, “This was an incredible opportunity for me to learn from women leaders and executives in the mortgage industry. It’s been helpful to hear about the paths they’ve taken, and it’s reinforced that I should follow my passion and find something that I love to do.”

Her energy confirmed my commitment to introducing more women to careers in financial services, to Fannie Mae, and to working on a trading floor. And, while I’m grateful to have the opportunity to tell my story to the readers of Profiles in Diversity Journal, I hope to do much more.

I’m incredibly proud to be a part of a diverse and inclusive organization that gives us a platform to celebrate women, while naturally debunking common industry myths around careers in financial services.

I will continue to focus on being a champion—giving students opportunities, mentoring my team, participating in Fannie Mae’s women’s employee resource group, and being a part of diversity-focused organizations that move the needle on these causes and support the women who are leading the way.