It’s your life, so chart your own course and show others how to chart theirs

My personal journey as a leader intersects with the larger social narrative around race and gender. I view my leadership role as an opportunity for transformation and empowerment. My path has been shaped by my identity, as a woman of Guatemalan heritage, and my aspirations.

When I embarked on my professional journey, I was acutely aware of the scarcity of individuals who shared my background and ambitions. I aspired to thrive in my career while also nurturing a family life—a balance that few role models had successfully achieved. Their absence, however, did not discourage me; it inspired me to become the role model I wished I had when starting out.

My journey wasn’t just about achieving personal success; it was about creating a blueprint for others facing similar challenges. In a profession that seemed to push women to choose between career and personal life, I was determined to chart my own course—one that resonated with my values and aspirations.

My path was marked by resilience, practicing at the most formidable trial law firms in the world, and by entrepreneurship, founding and building two boutique litigation practices on opposite coasts. In the pursuit of my own career goals, I believe in the power of lifting and guiding others along the way. I share with my colleagues and mentees not only my legal experience, but also my personal conviction that success can be achieved without sacrificing one’s values and personal well-being. Through mentorship, I want to show the next generation of our profession that integrating career, family, and personal fulfillment is possible.

I am not alone. By empowering young women and people of color in the legal profession, and offering guidance and mentorship to aspiring lawyers more broadly, I am working alongside many others who are rewriting the narrative of what success looks like. My own journey is a testament to the responsibility we all share to uplift the next generation of lawyers.

In celebrating my recognition as part of “Women Worth Watching in Leadership,” I acknowledge not just my personal achievements, but the power of diverse narratives in inspiring change. My story exemplifies that with the right mindset and support, women like me can carve a path that aligns with their dreams. As I continue on my journey, I am committed to fostering a more inclusive future for all, where personal aspirations and professional ambitions can thrive side by side.