To build a high-performing organization, you must be a role model for the behaviors and values you expect of others. I take this responsibility very seriously. I have benefited a great deal over the course of my career from mentors who took an interest in me, challenged me to take on high-risk assignments, and gave me direct and honest feedback about how i could be more effective. As a result, I have always felt a deep responsibility to reciprocate. I have learned as much from the people I have mentored as I have from my own mentors.

I also passionately believe in being part of the solution. More than half of the associates at ADP are women, and about 44 percent of our managers are women. Approximately eight years ago I helped to create a women in leadership program that focuses on increasing female leadership representation in our executive ranks. The program has a mentoring component where we match women with senior ADP leaders. It also has strong development and networking components. I consider this program an example of women being part of the solution.

My top strategies for success focus on these key areas: creating a track record of outstanding results, building strong relationships, continuing to learn and grow, and taking risks. while many female leaders are ambitious, some remain in their career comfort zones, afraid to take on high-profile challenges and risky assignments. Over my 26 years with ADP, I have taken on many assignments that were considered turn-around and start-up assignments, and accepted roles in areas where I had no prior experience. These assignments were sometimes lateral moves, but they gave me the opportunity to broaden my skill set, increase my value to the company, and differentiate my results from other leaders.

The most important part of any leader’s job is people development. If you invest your energy in talent development and demonstrate sincere care and concern for people at all levels of your organization, you will be successful.