Success in any career field comes from demonstrating passion. Far too often, we hope for prestigious titles, promotions or recognition that will place us in positions of power or leadership. In reality, our ability to make a significant and valuable contribution to any community or organization is made possible through the dedication and passion we demonstrate, not a fancy title or a corner office. Opportunities present themselves when we do our best and, most of all, when we truly enjoy what we do.

Pursue Your Passion
The true path to success presents itself when you’re doing something you’re passionate about. Don’t be afraid to change career paths if you find yourself disinterested or lacking enthusiasm. Life rarely works out the way you plan. Often it takes learning what you don’t like before finding the right fit.

I attended law school because I loved figuring out problems and putting them into a coherent story. However, I disliked spending hours arguing on the phone or in a courtroom. When I had an opportunity to change career paths and lead human resources, I was hesitant to make the transition. As a result of this change, however, I found a career that has provided me with a sense of satisfaction, and my enthusiasm has guided me the rest of the way.

Build Relationships Of Trust
You will encounter many different personalities in a corporate environment. To progress, it is imperative that you learn to work with all of them and to recognize that your competition is not within the organization. You must discover ways to work effectively with colleagues through open communication.

Remain Emotionally Detached
Finally, you should never allow yourself to become so emotionally involved in what takes place at work that sentiments cloud your judgment. Keeping a degree of separation between your own concept of self-worth, your job and what’s important will allow you to maintain proper perspective when difficult decisions arise. At the end of the day it’s business, not family.