I was fortunate to have a mentor right after I joined Deloitte as a senior consultant over 24 years ago. A senior partner in my division reached out and took me under his powerful wing. I guess he saw potential in me.

With his guidance, and those of another partner, I was able to navigate our very complex organization, advance, and stay grounded. In addition to providing priceless knowledge, their mentoring was a powerful morale builder and motivator for me. Having their ear and their support bolstered my self confidence significantly; it also made me want to prove I was worthy of their attention.

Fulfilling this goal took a lot of work; one hurdle I remember in particular was passing my actuarial exams. Today my original mentors have retired, and I find myself with a portfolio of mentors, people I go to for different things. I am also a mentor to many and am reminded that often it is the little things we do that can make a big difference for someone.

Not long after I first started at Deloitte, I was rethinking whether I wanted a career at the firm. A simple phone call from my mentor (who was also a senior leader in the firm) one Friday night to thank me for my good work was all I needed to hear and made all the difference in the world for me. I had the privilege of building my career in a highly supportive culture. And today, as a mentor to many professionals at Deloitte, I make a great effort to foster that culture.