How STEM Is Changing Our World

The rate of advancement is faster than ever as innovation is no longer limited by geography or the availability of development resources. With the introduction of online tools and remote testing facilities, people are able to push technology boundaries and set new standards in a collective global environment. For example, our team in Denver is collaborating with an organization in Kenya to develop the latest energy harvesting technology. This work could have broad implications for future iterations of renewable and solar energy solutions to power our world.

This advancement is timely as the world is looking to STEM to solve our problems at an even faster pace. Our heroes aren’t always wearing capes or scoring goals; they are often wearing lab coats and solving systematic equations.

Moving Forward in STEM

The messaging we offer women regarding STEM must change. Women need to be told that their skills are valuable and needed in a STEM workplace. We need to quit highlighting the boundaries that have existed, and instead focus on how women can succeed and have influence.

Women have unique talents and abilities that enable them to process a lot of data and information at the same time and make decisions to move forward. In our fast-paced, ever-changing world, this is a highly desirable skill, and women are positioned to make a huge impact.

Women in STEM 5 Years Out

The future of women in STEM is up to us—the women. If we want to make a difference, we need to disrupt the perceived norm and make positive impacts in STEM fields. We need to quit being intimidated by what we have been told.

Get the degree. Apply for the job. Speak up in the meeting. If we don’t have the right skill to solve a problem, we need to be brave enough to pursue it. We should find ways to stay relevant by remaining curious and seeking out learning opportunities to enhance our competencies. Let’s contribute our voices to the discussion. We have value and we belong in STEM.