My career path has been far from traditional. I have been an entrepreneur, led engineering teams, marketed global brands, and become executive producer of top-selling videogame franchises. My appetite for learning has always been equally diverse. Besides my education in applied mathematics and computer science, I also completed an acting/theatre program in London and studied voiceover acting. What binds these experiences together has been my passion for interactive entertainment and videogames, which began after I play my first game at age seven.

I believe in trusting your instincts and bringing your true self to whatever you are doing. There is a power in personal uniqueness that I have leveraged over the course of my career.

My advice to young women exploring technology careers includes three core principles I have leveraged over the years:

Find and pursue your passion(s): My current role as GM & executive producer of The Sims 4 combines my passions for technology, entertainment, and gaming. While my experiences have not been conventional, they have prepared me for the role I enjoy today. Explore your disparate interests and passions. You’ll be surprised how much you can leverage seemingly nonrelevant expertise in your career.

Take Calculated Risks: One of the greatest risks I have taken was co-founding an Internet development and online marketing company without outside financing. I trusted my intuition and relied on data to make the decision, and I eventually sold the company after eight years and $1 million in revenues.

Stay Curious: Be an active learner, continuously challenge yourself, and take on stretch assignments that give you unique differentiating experiences. I have found that the key to being competitive in this marketplace is to always find ways to innovate and stay on the edge.