My late father reminded me as a youngster that I had power to do anything, but that my power ended at the tip of my nose. It’s an extremely empowering notion. If you are pleased with the outcomes of your actions, continue the actions. If the outcomes are not as you desire, don’t lament them and don’t become de-motivated! Just change your actions and create different results. Too frequently when faced with obstacles, we waste energy and time attempting to change the outcome—the way people react, the corporate landscape, perceptions of others. You can’t. By using your own infinite power, do things differently until you generate the result you seek.

Daring to succeed, by definition, also means daring to fail. If we are challenging ourselves choosing paths less traveled, stretching to the ‘skinny branches’ (all the types of ‘risky’ behaviors that yield career success)—we will, inevitably, fall down once in a while.

Successful professionals seem to be set apart from the rest by their amplitude and gusto, as evidenced by their impressive successes and their stunning defeats. Therefore, be bold, because boldness creates success! And, when you occasionally falter, learn from it and move on.