The Changing World of STEM

Technology is disrupting everything. You can either choose to be part of driving the disruption or watch it happen from the sidelines. In the coming years, we will see a shift in the skill sets needed in the workforce to perform a lot of the day-to-day tasks.

Automation will likely eliminate a number of current jobs, but at the same time create the need for new kinds of jobs. School and college curricula will have to quickly be adapted to meet this growing new need and stay relevant. Our goal and responsibility should be that we build this new world filled with artificial intelligence, bots, and automation, and we make it equitable, just, and accessible for all people.

STEM 5 Years down the Road

I want to see more women joining and staying in STEM jobs five years from now. I see huge growth in jobs in STEM fields, and my sincere hope is that women are part of riding this wave to drive the much-needed change.

I hope there are more women in leadership positions at Fortune 500 companies and other big firms, thus accelerating their career growth and paving the way for the generations coming after them.

My Own STEM Experience

From being the only woman in a room of 10 or more men on a daily basis to feeling like my opinions don’t matter, I have experienced some of the most of the challenges that women in STEM face. Building my confidence, realizing my self-worth, finding my voice, and fighting for my seat at the table have helped me grow professionally. And seeking feedback from trusted leaders and addressing bias have helped me thrive.

STEM is an integral part of how we live and work today. It’s the best time to be part of this growth. I hope that the new world of technology helps alleviate some of the big problems that we are facing—from climate change to building trust in how businesses serve their customers. We should be grateful and hopeful for what our future holds, as we become an interplanetary species.