Achieving success in the workplace is a journey that does not come without a few pitfalls. Developing as a leader often means undertaking risk. Although you may sometimes stumble, you are always growing and learning from the experience. It is through sharing and communicating both your successes and failures that you empower and enlighten others along the way. To that end, mentoring is very important in helping others to work toward their own growth and self-development. Through coaching, counseling, probing and listening, you create an environment in which individuals can learn and grow from their accomplishments as well as their mistakes.

My leadership philosophy is very simple. It involves using all of my abilities, both God-given and learned, in an effort to make a difference in everything that I do and in the people that I touch. I love my work with minority- and women-owned businesses, as well as with our consumers in the low-to-moderate income market segment. I am able to see the impact of my work and am privileged to help people achieve their goals. I am motivated when colleagues, team members, family and friends tell me that I have inspired them to achieve more for themselves. Motivation for me is waking up every day knowing that I have the opportunity to do this all over again!

The best career advice I have ever received is to recognize your strengths and believe in yourself. Grow to become an expert in your field, and share your knowledge with others. Because of mentoring, I have been inspired and hopefully have inspired others to learn, develop and share their skills. It is truly one of the most rewarding experiences to hear people say that you have made a difference in their life.