Leadership is about serving others. My role is to provide a positive work environment that includes, among many things, caring and supportive leaders. I believe that leaders who take care of their employees will have employees who take care of the company’s customers.

Caring for your employees means helping them improve and rewarding them when they perform for the organization. It includes providing clear and consistent direction and meaningful goals. Caring also means listening and being honest—always.

Even leaders who have innate people skills need to be taught the “dos and don’ts” of leadership. Organizations are most effective when their leaders understand their roles and the value that comes from treating others with respect and holding them accountable. Leaders also have the challenge of guiding their organizations, employees and customers through change, which increasingly comes at a rapid pace.

The ability to lead is based on the opportunity to learn. I have been most fortunate to have had many mentors during my life and career. Some of the mentoring I received was formal. Others who mentored me may never have realized I was learning and watching. Now, I find that one of the most important responsibilities I have is to be a mentor.

As a female leader in my organization, no less or more is expected of me. I have been very fortunate to work for a company that appreciates diversity and hard work. The success I have achieved in my life has come from persistence, a strong work ethic taught to me by my parents, and from God’s blessings in my life. Because I have been given much, much is expected of me in return. My goal each day is to be a person who helps others realize their true potential.