Women can shatter the glass ceiling by being confident, persistent and by having mentors

The glass ceiling, an invisible yet very real barrier, still looms large for many women. This is particularly evident in the traditionally male-dominated fields of government contracting and IT, where I’ve carved out my path. The barriers to success may seem daunting, and at times insurmountable, but as a woman who has faced and surmounted similar challenges, I stand as living proof that it is not impenetrable.

Writing this essay led me to recall the hard decision my mother had to make, sending my brother to the U.S for a brighter future when he was just 17. We had no connections in the U.S, no internet, yet my mother had an unyielding belief in a better future. Her strength and perseverance left an indelible mark on me and instilled a resilience I’ve carried throughout my professional journey.

Forging ahead with passion, boldness, and grit – the foundational pillars of my company, PBG Consulting, and lessons drawn from my mother’s courage – I have navigated formidable challenges. Despite the setbacks, I’ve managed to reach new heights and carve a path for other women to follow.

The journey to shattering the glass ceiling is intricate, and I’ve found that it begins with the empowerment of the self. Recognizing our worth, firmly believing in our abilities, and envisioning ourselves as leaders are the bedrock for making significant strides. These initial steps are instrumental in breaking through self-imposed limitations, cultivating the confidence to challenge the status quo, and disrupting the narrative that women are incapable of assuming leadership roles.

I’ve come to realize that mentorship and sponsorship act as transformative catalysts in this process. As a woman who has guided others in the government contracting industry, I’ve witnessed firsthand how nurturing talent, enhancing skills, and proactively opening doors to new opportunities can fuel upward mobility.

Our individual efforts must be complemented by collective actions. Building alliances with advocates of gender diversity, we can amplify our voices and drive systemic change. A united front is powerful and capable of reframing industry norms, thereby creating an environment conducive to our growth.

At PBG, we emphasize and celebrate diversity and inclusion. We’re proud that 60% of our staff and executive team and 84% of our managers are women. But beyond numbers, we implement policies that promote gender parity, mentorship programs, and ensure pay equity.

The glass ceiling persists, but it is not invincible. Empowerment, confidence, mentorship, alliances, and advocacy can be our chisels to chip away at it. As we break through, we redefine the corporate skyline, empowering the next generation of women leaders to soar even higher, pushing boundaries, and leading by example.