My other day job? Making sure mentoring for workers and the community is a priority

Throughout my career and amongst my achievements, my passion, above all, has been cultivating an inclusive work environment and nurturing talent. As the co-founder and CEO of New American Funding (NAF), my drive comes from our team’s shared success and growth, which is the heart of our business. I’m specifically passionate about women in leadership and am committed to creating a multicultural workforce that excels through the societal challenges we face.

One way I create this workforce community that I’m so passionate about is through mentorship. It’s where I can impart my decades of experience and wisdom to those beginning their professional journey. And it’s where I find immense satisfaction, guiding employees toward their aspirations so they can be proud of their career path.

So I created a mentorship program, “Thrive and Lead.” It’s where I help people navigate their careers and everything in between, like networking and work/life balance. What’s exciting is that this program isn’t limited to our internal team; it extends to individuals outside our organization. I’m proud of this program because it reflects my belief in the power of shared knowledge and learning.

In addition to “Thrive and Lead,” I launched the “360 Mentorship Program,” a platform that matches early career employees with seasoned professionals within our organization at NAF. This program serves as an avenue for extensive career guidance and training. It also embodies that potent principle of sharing wisdom and experience.

My commitment to personal growth in my company goes even further with the “If You Want to Grow, We Want to Know” initiative. It’s an open platform for our team members to discuss their ambitions and objectives with me and senior leaders. This initiative fosters a culture of transparency and paves the way for potential advancement opportunities within the company.

My goal and passion is to invest in our most valuable asset, people. My mentorship initiatives reflect that. I firmly believe that the best investment we can make is in the development and growth of our team members and especially by empowering women through leadership. Through their success, we collectively prosper and build a sustainable future for everyone, including at my company, New American Funding.