Leading, and Continuing to Learn

As a second year law student, I spent a summer working at Einhorn Harris, and I was recruited to join the firm as an associate following graduation. I was 23 at the time, a new lawyer trying to learn as much as I could from my mentors. Here we are, nearly 39 years later, and I’ve been the firm’s managing partner for the past 20 years, currently overseeing a staff of 32 lawyers practicing multiple areas of law. Building Einhorn Harris has been my passion, paired with the mentorship of young attorneys.

As a child growing up in Paterson, New Jersey, I understood what it meant to have nothing, to struggle financially, and to wonder how I could best contribute to society. I knew then that to change my circumstances, and succeed professionally, I would need determination, resilience, and strength, especially as a woman in a male-dominated field such as law.

Through persistence, passion, and drive, I aimed to become a compassionate family-law advocate for a range of clients, including executives, parents seeking custody, and domestic violence victims. As a trial lawyer advocating for a client’s position, it is my duty to protect them, and to strategize and obtain a favorable outcome that will serve them best. This aspect of my career is extraordinarily motivating. In addition, in my role as managing partner, I have the unique perspective of watching younger lawyers evolve, mature, and find their own paths, which gives me enormous satisfaction.

I’m one of a few female law firm managing partners, and I hope more young women are striving for leadership positions. So important to this pursuit is a dedication to the law and to the legal community. I find that involvement with fellow lawyers, through training, mentoring, and networking, helps us all learn how we can do our jobs even better. Moreover, working pro bono for organizations on legal advocacy projects connects lawyers to important societal issues, and gives us all a chance to give back.

I often look back on my upbringing in Paterson, and marvel at the support I’ve received along the way, both personally and professionally. I’ve learned that, though it may not seem so at the time, people are really trying to do their best. And loyalty is a trait that is undeniably important in both friends and colleagues.