Don’t Let Others’ Misconceptions Dictate Your Self-Worth

Throughout our lives, society dictates what is and what is not socially acceptable with regard to one’s physical appearance. Watching models with perfect bodies dominate TV, and commercials offering ways to achieve the perfect plastic-factory body, sent the message that I was too fat and ugly. And while society encourages everyone to believe that being fat deviates from the norm for being attractive, and promotes an image impossible for anyone to attain, I did not let these misconceptions dictate my self-worth and self-confidence.

Rather, I learned to embrace my body and live my life fat, free, and fabulous! While also losing weight. I have not only learned to love myself through this journey, but have inspired and motivated other “fat girls” to do the same.

At the root of my professional pursuits—as a mental health counselor and life-transformation coach for more than 10 years, anger management specialist, and founder of Restoring Bodies and Minds in 2011, a mental health counseling group located in Henderson, North Carolina—lies a purpose: to provide individuals with tools that emphasize their intrinsic beauty.

My vision is to provide those who feel that they do not have a voice with valuable life lessons to inspire positive mental and emotional change. A key to this success is prioritizing self-care, meaning that individuals need to choose themselves first, remove negative beliefs, and understand their worth and potential to truly be themselves in the world.

The recognition of one’s true essence is especially important for women today, as they are continually recognizing their worth and breaking down societal roadblocks that promote negative self-perception. In my most recent book, A Fat Girl’s Confidence, I’m Fat So What?, I use my expertise to help women struggling with weight develop a level of confidence and truth within themselves and become proud fat girls.

I also started The Fat Girl’s Confidence Movement, which uses my personal journey to encourage women to take a pledge of self-worth, and set goals for mental, emotional, and physical health, with the support from a community of other Fat Girls. To learn more about The Fat Girl’s Confidence Movement and take the pledge, visit