Schools, like businesses, need to stay on top of what’s going on in the world to be relevant and succeed. If schools don’t adjust their curricula to emphasize technology and continue to teach the same way they have done, students will suffer.

In the past, the U.S. prided itself on having the best-educated students and consequently the best work force. Based on recent studies this position is slipping dramatically. The driving forces behind business and education must work together to reform the current education system so that even the youngest students are prepared for their lives ahead.
American educational institutions at all levels need to step into the 21st century and embrace technology. Technology has proven to bring critical value to both students and teachers. It is a powerful lever that can improve educational standards and reduce skyrocketing education costs. With student loan debt at a debilitating all-time high, graduates are leaving school saddled by a significant financial burden before they begin their adult lives. Technology offers a proven solution to reduce educational costs, which is why many schools are now incorporating technology into every aspect of academic life.

Those who don’t embrace technology will be left behind. At Corcoran we made a commitment to invest in technology early on. We went online in 1996, becoming the first New York real estate firm to have a website. Today, 89 percent of all real estate searches conducted by people looking to buy or rent a home are conducted online.

Corcoran’s success is a result of agents being trained to be tech-savvy and use technological tools to build strong and profitable businesses. The business world has learned that incorporating technology into the business model gives an edge, keeps the company competitive, and leads to a successful future.

We can provide our children the best education available. With technology we have the means. Educators need to recognize and embrace technology so America can once again be known as home to the best students and workers in the world.