Guiding Innovation Forward

Innovation is a methodology for problem solving. It is about finding a way forward, rather than a way out. It calls for unbiased analysis, rational thought, and creative collaboration. Innovation is fresh thinking that creates value, and it ignites my professional passion.

Solutions to problems are generally sought through a path of least resistance. Innovation is an alternative to this pursuit of low hanging fruit. It’s a leapfrog approach to greatness and competitive advantage. Innovative people embrace difficulty. This does not make them difficult.

At Arrow Electronics, our mission is to “Guide Innovation Forward.” Applying this anthem to supply chain consists of more than just the selection and application of new technologies (robotics, blockchain, AI, machine learning). It also entails thinking strategically about why we exist, how we organize, and how we measure our success. Innovating requires imagination.

Those who equate innovation with automation, and view automation simply in terms of what it streamlines or takes away, are missing the point. Rather, innovation is an additive process—one that demands that people work together to build something brand new.